The Gay Purge (insert ominous theme music)

The other day, four colleagues and I had a heated discussion in the VOX ATL podcast studio over whether sexism still exists and what it means to be a feminist. We covered everything from Meryl Streep bruising the egos of men everywhere to that NASA guy who wore a shirt covered in pictures of half-naked women to an interview and even furries. I’ll link to the podcast as soon as it comes out.

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A walk of privilege in which I end up in the front

Last Saturday, I got my official advocacy training for the Partnership Against Domestic Violence (yay!). I can finally get started with the internship now! I have started!

In case you didn’t get the notification from my Linked In update, PADV has taken me on as one of their Teen Prevention Interns, which means I get to go to high schools and after school organizations and whatnot and talk to teenagers about teen dating violence, the warning signs, and what to do if God forbid you find yourself in that situation.

The training was heavy and enlightening and I took copious notes (thank you, high school history teacher, for teaching me how to fill a notebook) and also took notice of how the facilitators facilitated and how the activities they used for a general volunteer training could translate into teen dating violence contexts (thank you, VOX adult guide-on-the-side, for teaching me to always be META meta).

And then.

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